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Kids Yoga Blog - by Janet Williams

Blog by Janet Williams, Kids Yoga Teacher TrainingGoing to the Beach Yoga Game

The Creativity of Children and Yoga: How We Started with “Sea Shells” and Ended Up with “Going to the Beach"

I teach yoga to children ages 4-8, on a weekly basis, at a local yoga studio and I have used many of the activities from Donna Freeman’s fabulous book “Once Upon a Pose”. I also teach parents and teachers how to do yoga with children and I wanted to share how effective and fun “Sea Shells” has been with my students.

One of the children’s favourite activities is the “Sea Shells” game, which they request on a weekly basis. I always encourage creativity in my yoga classes and I enjoy empowering children and fostering self-confidence within them by letting them ‘direct’, ‘lead’ and ‘teach’ the class through a yoga pose or share an idea that we all can try.

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Feeling Overwhelmed? Surprising Statistics & Unexpected SolutionsFeeling Overwhelmed? Surprising Statistics & Unexpected Solutions

After reading “Overwhelmed: Work, Love & Play When No One Has The Time” by Brigid Schulte I knew I had to share this important book with others. The author Brigid Schulte an award-winning Journalist with The Washington Post, accidently starts down...

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Boys Adrift: The 5 Crucial Things Parents & Teachers Need to Know about the Growing Epidemic of Unmotivated Boys and Underachieving Young MenBoys Adrift: The 5 Crucial Things Parents & Teachers Need to Know about the Growing Epidemic of Unmotivated Boys and Underachieving Young Men

After reading the book “Boys Adrift: The Five Factors Driving the Growing Epidemic of Unmotivated Boys and Underachieving Young Men” by Family Physician Dr. Leonard Sax, who is also a Research Psychologist, I felt compelled to share this information with parents and teachers. Dr Sax has done extensive research around the globe and...

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Relaxing in Mouse PoseMouse Mat: Easy “Stress Reduction” for Kids in the Classroom and at Home

School life can be stressful, filled with anxiety for children and adults. Yoga can help us move into a more relaxed state and specific Yoga Poses can help us do that very...

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Blog by Janet Williams, Kids Yoga Teacher TrainingYoga Helps Children Perform Better Academically

In a recent CBS News report, they uncovered how well Yoga is working in classrooms in schools, when it is integrated into the curriculum. As a certified Primary/Junior Teacher and Yoga Instructor, this information did not surprise me, given the many positive benefits that Yoga provides, but it did delight me because these facts have been slow to make it into main stream media...

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Blog by Janet Williams, Kids Yoga Teacher TrainingKids Yoga Experts Discuss: Bringing Yoga Into Schools

It was an honour to be on the panel with these accomplished Kids Yoga Teachers. Since this video was captured, Kids Yoga has become even more popular and accepted in classrooms and in daycare centers. The awareness level among teachers, parents and the general public of the current issues facing kids, including obesity, anxiety and attention deficit disorders, which have been on the rise among children, has increased and more creative efforts have been put forth to try to deal with these issues. Watch the video to learn more...

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Kids Yoga Teacher Janet WIlliams5 Children's Yoga Tips from a Certified Elementary School Teacher

I had the honour of being interviewed by Aruna Kathy Humphrys of Young Yoga Masters. She was curious about how I, Janet Williams, as a certified Primary/Junior Teacher and Registered Yoga Instructor, recommend that yoga be used in the classroom. These 5 Tips give you the Who, What, When, Where and Why of Kid’s Yoga. I am proud to share that I am a co-founder of the Young Yoga Masters Registered 95 hour Children’s Yoga School and on the faculty, and share more great tools for yoga in classrooms, studios, and beyond...

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Click to watch the video of Dr Robert MelilloDr Robert Melillo Talking About Autism and ADHD

Robert Melillo is an expert on the issue of Autism and ADHD. He has done research and written several books on the subject. He explains that when you compare the numbers from 3 decades ago to the numbers today, we are facing a childhood epidemic: 3 decades ago it was 1 in 10,000 and now it is 1 in 50 children who have autism. ADHD is the leading childhood disorder and 1 in 4 children will be diagnosed with a learning disability...

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Children ages 2 to 13 getting active and having fun doing yoga together!It is Never Too Early to Start Learning How to Do Yoga

Erick Nettel is a Video Marketing Specialist and I met him when he was filming me for a video interview. After the interview he asked me “What age should a parent start teaching their child yoga?” I thought this was an excellent question and I found out that Erick was a proud dad to a 2 year old. The reason he asked the question was because when he was a child he was overweight. At age 13 he was between 15-18 Kilograms overweight. He decided...

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Yoga Match Card GameAnnouncing Yoga Match!

Yoga Match is a new Movement and Memory Game that works like concentration, but uses yoga flashcards instead of regular playing cards. Move over Hoyle! Downward Dog is where it’s at! Yoga Match has all of the poses from the “What I See, I Can Be” Award-winning Hard Cover Book, plus two additional poses...

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Raffi - On Hockey DaysRaffi Teaches Respect in New Song “On Hockey Days”

As rare and as special as an Elvis sighting, I had the most fortunate experience of meeting Raffi, the Canadian Children’s Singer and Song Writer Icon. He has delighted children with his music for decades. I had the opportunity to visit with him, when he was in Toronto. My first introduction to Raffi’s music was during Teacher’s College, when as part of my unit on the environment and whales, I taught my Grade 2 class the song "Baby Beluga"...

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September is National Childhood Obestiy Awareness MonthSeptember is National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month

On August 31, 2011 President Barack Obama declared September as “National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month”. It is wonderful that national attention is being given to this serious issue and that positive steps to change have been introduced. Children’s Yoga Books supports that President’s initiative and his Proclamation, which can be read here...

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The Best Relief for Poison IvyThe Best Relief for Poison Ivy

In the summertime, it is not unusual for children to run unsuspectingly into (or rather run around in) poison ivy. Unfortunately, for my husband this summer, he was practically rolling around in it and didn’t know until a day or so later. Poison Ivy has a wonderful way of “keeping you in the moment” as all you want to do is scratch the incredibly itchiness away. Again, unfortunately, itching only makes the situation worse. After trying drug store cortisol chemical solutions it was clear that the store bought options were not bringing any relief. Talking to friends, I learned about the “Old Wives Tales” or is that “Old Wise Tales” that say...

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Juicing with Joe Cross and the Reboot Juice FastJuicing with Joe Cross and the Reboot Juice Fast

My husband and I were inspired when we watched the movie “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead” by Joe Cross. It was a documentary about Joe the Australian and his journey across America as he embarked on a 60 day Juice Fast. His goal was to lose weight and to get healthy enough that he could get off the prescription drugs he was taking. He was successful in his quest and inspired many people along the way. The people he inspired, all had specific reasons why they were interested in doing a Juice Fast – and everyone that tried it had positive results...

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Healthy Snacks for Kids: Banana Ice CreamHealthy Snacks for Kids: Banana Ice Cream

Children love ice cream and we have found a delicious recipe that the whole family can enjoy for both the taste and the healthy ingredients. It is a recipe that I learned from Joe Cross in his book “The Reboot with Joe Juice Diet” and I have made a few adjustments to make it easier to blend and even more yummy and nutritious! The recipe is simple...

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Healthy Snacks that are Fun for Kids: Kiwi Fruit Healthy Snacks that are Fun for Kids: Kiwi Fruit

An excellent strategy for parents, who are looking to introduce their children to new foods, is to get the children involved with the preparation. Kids like to play so being given permission “to play” or “be creative” with their food brings it to their interest level. Have fun with kids by setting a Creativity Challenge. By having fun exploring the different ways food can be eaten you can also...

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Curtain Call GameCurtain Call Game

During the "What I See, I Can Be" module of the Kids Yoga Teacher Training 95 Hour Program, the participants receive the "Yoga Match: A Memory & Movement Card Game". They are taught many different ways to use the cards, and then they are given some time to put their creative thinking cap on, and come up with additional ways to use the cards.

At the Summer Training course in Burlington, Tina Lackner shared with her group her idea, and the now super popular "Curtain Call" Game was born. To learn how to play the game...

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Curtain Call GameAppreciating All the Good Things in My Life

During the New Year time frame, my thoughts keep bringing me back to the idea of appreciation. In reviewing what I appreciate, I have discovered that there are big and small things, and tangible and intangible things. Some things are special memories that mean something to me, because they lighten my heart and make me smile.

The following are some of the gifts, lessons, people, and things of the past year that I appreciate. Perhaps you appreciate some of these things. I know for sure you will appreciate the amazing Kale Salad Recipe and the New Game that I provide as a Gift to you...

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