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My Amazing Body Manual

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The “My Amazing Body” manual comes from our “My Amazing Body” Kids Yoga Teacher Training module and is a foundational tool to give you everything that you need to make learning about the body easy and fun for kids. If you are unable to join us for the training, this course manual is excellent for School Teachers, Day Care Providers, Health Care Professionals, Parents, Youth Leaders and Yoga Instructors wanting to expand their knowledge about anatomy and how to teach it to kids. It is also great for anyone who cares about children’s health and/or would like to reap the benefits of incorporating yoga into their child-focused program.

Teaching children about their body, mind and spirit is a large task and one that is meant to be done over many sessions and over many years. There are scientists, doctors, health care professionals and energy practitioners that spend years and years learning about the intricacies of the body, mind and spirit. This manual has been designed to teach you the key elements that a child should know about their body.

Ages & Stages Training Ages & Stages Training

Patricipants having fun learning about WHICH bones to teach kids, and HOW to teach kids about their bones.

My Amazing Body Manual has been created to help you:

Discover how to approach teaching kids about anatomy so that the experience builds awareness, without causing overwhelm for you or the children. Learn how to successfully teach children anatomy in a meaningful way, and how to incorporate this knowledge into your kids’ yoga classes, so that it helps children learn about their body from a physical, mental and emotional and energetic perspective.

This course provides helpful exercises, fun activities and games that help children understand and learn about their body. These activities can be integrated into any Kids Yoga class easily and effortlessly. The information is provided in a very easy to use manner and simplifies the complex system that humans are. The manual is organized into sections and covers the Body, Mind/ Emotional Mind, and Spirit.

Each section introduces the key words that you can use when doing yoga with children. Once you know the appropriate vocabulary to be covering, the knowledge section will help you understand and provide background for why this element is important and how this key item “fits” into the whole.

Ages & Stages Kids Yoga Training

Once you know the vocabulary and understand how these items work, you will learn activities to help incorporate this vocabulary and knowledge into your kids’ yoga classes. Descriptions of activities, songs, and games are provided. Those activities that have worksheets, follow as Black Line Master pages that you can photocopy and hand out to children to work on.

There are so many additional resources and books that Kids Yoga Teachers can draw upon, to help show, explain and demonstrate to children these key items about the Body, Mind, and Spirit. These resources can comes as books, CD’s, DVD’s, Props, Gadgets, YouTube videos, Wellness Stores and Educational Websites. These resources are listed in the manual as they apply to each section of the body, to save you time and money in choosing the best resources to share with your children.

My Amazing Body Manual has been created to help you:

Ages & Stages Training

1. How to Teach Anatomy to Kids in a fun and kid-friendly way.
2. How to Teach Children About “The Amazing Human Body” including their Body, Mind and Spirit
3. Learn Creative Ways to Teach Anatomy in Your Kid’s Yoga Lessons including how to teach kids about bones, muscles, joints, and organs.
4. Discover How to Teach Children about the Mind including how to teach kids about their Brain and their Nervous System.
5. Learn How to Teach Children About the Spirit: Discover how to use props to teach children about their Energy, Meditation, Mandalas and the Chakra System.
6. Learn How a Child’s Mind and Body are Developing: Learn the developmental stages of a child, including the physical, mental and emotional stages.
7. Understanding Stress and Vitality: Discover how to talk to kids about stresses they face and how it relates to them and their body, mind and spirit.
8. Discover the Importance of Rest & Relaxation for Children: Learn how to teach children relaxation techniques to counterbalance the stresses they face.
9. Develop Your Confidence Teaching Kids Yoga.
10. And much more...

Ages & Stages Manual is 116 Comprehensive Pages

My Amazing Body is a 116 page comprehensive Manual

Ages & StagesMy Amazing Body Manual Provides Everything You Need To:

  • Feel comfortable teaching yoga and anatomy in your lesson plans for school, home, youth program or the yoga studio.
  • Learn the essential physical anatomy as it relates to children as they grow and change
  • Interactive approaches for teaching anatomy to children
  • Learn techniques to teach bodily systems and organs to children
  • Discover how to teach children of all age categories about stress & how to manage and release it
  • Learn about the chakras and how to teach them to children
  • Understand how a child’s mind and body are developing and how this impacts their ability levels


We Had So Much Fun!

“Thank you for teaching me how to teach kids “The Amazing Body” in the Kids Yoga Teacher Training.
This kids' class had such a good time working on this.

We had so much fun with this, that next year we are starting earlier so we can delve deeper.”

- Libby Hoefer, Kids Yoga Teacher & Educator