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Children's Yoga Hard Cover Story Book & CD

Children's Yoga  Products - What I See, I Can Be - Hard Cover Book and CD

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Product Description

This hard cover, 32 page, full colour picture book comes with a 30 minute CD. Perfect for teachers and parents who may or may not know a thing about yoga and want to provide their children with a safe, fun and age appropriate yoga workout or Daily Physical Activity (DPA).

The children in the book demonstrate the yoga positions as they explore their natural environment. The book is 8.5” x 8.5”, is appropriate for ages 2-9, and is printed on Printed on Environmentally Friendly FSC Certified Paper.

Children's Yoga Products - Dog Posture

What I See, I Can Be is unique.
You will love it because:

arrow It is Very Easy to Use
arrow No Equipment is Required
arrow No Prior Yoga Experience is Required by Either Adults or Children
arrow Provides Children with a Safe, Age-appropriate Yoga Workout
arrow It is an Award-Winning Book
arrow Kids Love It and Find It Fun!

A Sample Page from the Book "What I See, I Can Be"

The yoga flow on the CD is 20 minutes in length and is accompanied by soothing music. The CD can be used separately or as a follow along book to encourage young readers. Each yoga posture has a different track allowing you to skip to those postures that you choose. After the story is completed, music continues to play for 10 minutes, which is perfect for calm transitioning into other activities.

Excellent for Teachers to use in classrooms, gyms or outdoors and for parents in living rooms at home.


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Read & Listen to our Testimonials

“As an experienced Supply Teacher, I know that it can be a challenge to get children to listen during Physical Education because of the less structured format and the high excitement level. The first class that I tried “What I See, I Can Be” with, were a notorious Grade 2/3 split. They were known as a difficult class to control and all morning they acted up. When we got to Gym Class, I put on the CD and had the children follow along with the yoga book. The results were amazing! To my delight, the yoga book and CD captured their interest and attention. The children who had been uncooperative all morning settled down and remained settled down for the rest of the day.

I recommend “What I See, I Can Be” to all teachers. You will benefit immensely from using this children’s yoga program in your Gym Classes and for DPA. It is a great way for children to start the day.”
– Mary Jaglowitz, Primary/Special Ed Supply Teacher, Grand Erie School Board & Brant Haldimand Norfolk Separate School Board.

“Brilliantly written, beautifully illustrated. An essential resource for anyone advocating for the health, fitness and wellness of our children.”
Erika Caspersen, Health & Wellness Specialist, City of Hamilton Public Health

“Finally, a yoga resource that is effective and easy to follow, and fully inclusive of all physical ability levels! Each yoga pose is clearly illustrated, guiding you into correct body positioning. The book is perfect to use as a stand alone on warm days for yoga outdoors. The book and CD will rapidly become valuable and essential components of a high quality DPA program. Teachers in open concept classrooms will find that the CD works wonderfully when played at normal teacher volume with the children following along. Use the CD to do a few poses after periods of high activity to bring the mind and body back to a place of focus and calm – allowing for optimal learning to take place! This is an irreplaceable DPA resource that every primary/junior teacher should own.”
-Suki McVeety, DPA Coordinator, Grade 4/5 Teacher Peel School and Parent of a 5 and 9 year old

“I recently borrowed your book from the Mississauga Public Library - I found it really beautiful and fun to read. I liked that all the pages are in colour, not just the covers. I also enjoyed listening to the audio CD. Overall, this book brought out the kid in me! Such a book should be in every public library across the country.”
Dr. Shila Heeralall, Engineer, Author, Free Thinker, and a Frequent User of Public Libraries

“As an elementary Physical Education Teacher I know that personally I have found it difficult to find a high quality yoga program for kids. I think the “What I See, I Can Be” program is amazing,
affordable, and something that could be used in classes not only for fitness, but to help students better concentrate, focus, and relax. The book is very easy to read and for the kids to understand. I have already recommended it to other teachers and gym teachers.”
Nevella Schepmyer, Physical & Health Education Teacher, Peel School Board

"In addition to the physical benefits, this book provides a wonderful and creative way to introduce children to the concept of relaxation, breathing and body awareness.”
Dorothy Peirce, Elementary Teacher-Librarian, East York Board of Education

A great resource for Primary/Junior Teachers interested in using yoga with their students. Even teachers inexperienced in the arts of yoga can use this book and CD effectively.”
Kathryn Turnbull, ESL Teacher, Ottawa Carleton District School Board

"My favourite yoga posture is mouse. I like it because it stretches my back just the right amount and not too much. "
- Laura, from Canada, Age 11

"I have been using the “What I See, I Can Be” book, CD and DVD in my home daycare for many months. The children are ages 1-4 and really enjoy learning the poses, as well as leading their friends through the experience. It is very rewarding when one of the children does a pose unexpectedly at home and teaches their parents the yoga poses that they have learned. I use the book, CD and DVD in combination and separately, and find them to be wonderful tools that have added a new dimension to my daycare. I would recommend this to other daycare providers.”

- Cindy Brown, Daycare Provider at Cindy’s Home Daycare, Burlington, Ontario

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