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Large & Small Size Eco Friendly Reversible Yoga Mats

Children's Yoga  Products - Full Size Yoga Mat
Price: Lg $59.99, Sm $29.99
Children's Yoga  Products - Full Size Yoga Mat

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What I See, I Can Be - Yoga Mat

The “What I See, I Can Be” Yoga Mats are an excellent tool to get both adults & children moving.

All of the poses from the Full Size Poster, Book and Yoga Match Card Game are on the Yoga Mat. The Mat can be used on its own, or in conjunction with the Poster, Book, DVD or Yoga Match Cards.

Do the right thing for your children and the planet and reduce your carbon footprint as you do yoga!

As a TPE mat with no harmful chemicals on it, the mat is:
• Biodegradable
• Recyclable
• Hypoallergenic


• Large - Adult Size 24” W x 68” L x .12” Thick (61cm x 172 cm x 3mm).
• Small - Kids Size 24” W x 34” L x .12” Thick (61cm x 86 cm x 3mm). *** Small Currently Out of Stock ***

• 100% Environmentally Friendly and Child Friendly.
• Made from non-toxic TPE, which contains no PVC or latex.
• Printed in Canada using environmentally friendly ink.
• Light weight and perfect for children to carry and yet thick enough to offer soft padding.
• Provides safety with non-slip material and allowing a good grip for feet.
• “Closed Cell” construction is less likely to absorb germs or bacteria, so it is less likely to contain allergens.
• No smelly “off gassing”.
• This is a green/blue reversible mat with the illustrations of the poses printed on the green side.

No Harmful PVC or Phthalates are in the “What I See, I Can Be” Kids Eco Yoga Mat

Did You Know?

What I See, I Can Be - Yoga Mat

Polyvinyl chloride, also known as PVC, is unfortunately used to make most yoga mats and Phthalates are often also used to make yoga mats soft and sticky. Many studies have shown that PVC and Phthalates are harmful substances to children, adults and to the environment, in both the creation process and the disposal process. Helping your children stay healthy by doing yoga is great – now keep them healthy by using an Eco mat to do yoga.

How to Care for your Mat:

• Clean Regularly - Use a damp cloth with cold water and mild soap to gently rub the mat.
• Dry Flat.
• Do not leave the mat in the sun for long periods of time, as it could fade and become brittle.
• Store it in a mat bag.

What I See I Can Be Yoga Mats  What I See I Can Be Yoga Mats  What I See I Can Be Yoga Mats

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